Some have chanted Om as a practice.  Are you chanting Om or simply wanting it?  You have to do it.  Chant Om always, this is enough.  Then you will be happy and in Peace also.  Dont try to understand, simply go on chanting day and night, from when you wake up until you go to sleep.  Om should always be in you mind and on your lips.  You wont lose anything.  Even if you do this for only one day you will know what it is.  It is meeting the Self because this word is the Self itself.  Unless you do it, wanting it is of no importance.
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Sri H.W.L. Poonja

“Thus Speaks Papa-ji” is the title of a collection of poems spoken by Sri H.W.L. Poonja that were culled from hours and hours of satsang. Papa-ji (Sri Poonja) selected the poems that he wanted published for the public to be able to read. Yudhishtara, a friend and disciple of Papa-ji, was asked to publish them in the United States and the first book was over 300 pages. This is the second book published by Yudhishtara on behalf of Sri Poonja; it is the shorter version Papa-ji requested for busy people short on available reading time.

Yudhishtara ( has been conducting satsang on behalf of Papa-ji once a month at the Bhodi Tree Bookstore in Los Angeles for the past twenty years. The message of Papa-ji is very simple and “Thus Speaks Papa-ji” expresses that message in 100 poems because one never knows which poem will resonate for you. Papa-ji conducted satsang for the benefit of those attending and there never was a financial cost for attending. There was and is a human cost however. As Papa-ji writes above and below, unless you do it, wanting it is of no importance.