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According to the books of Knowledge there are three ways

of knowing yourself. One is Jnana yoga, which is knowledge. Another is bhakti, devotion; and the third is karma which is activity or action.

With Jnana Yoga the people who are intelligent go to the Rishi in the forest and ask Ko Ham, “Who am I?” The teachers said only: “Tat Vam Asi,” “You are That.” By only this statement the student would say “Aham Brahmasmi,” “I Am That.” This is for those who are intellectual and who understand the meaning of the word, and not simply hear the word. “That” means “THAT.” When the teacher says “THAT” the student looks at “THAT” and agrees: “I Am That.” Then the teacher said, “Good luck, off you go.”

Number two is Devotion, surrender to the supreme Power Within. In saluting and looking at that Power you become that Power itself. Give you mind to that Power and don’t have the ego that “I am a separate entity.” Know “I am the Supreme.” This you must win by love, not intellect.

There is no difference to Be That in understanding or in devotion. The child goes to the mother to suckle because it knows who its mother is, and the mother know who to feed.

The third is karma. Karma yoga is whatever you do, you do not seek the result of your doing. You just do it and keep the result in the hands of the Supreme Being.

Actually, all these run concurrently: knowledge, bhakti, karma. If you get attached to one of these, all the others are with you. If you know someone, you love them. If you love them, you know them. And your activity is the same for each other. There is no difference.