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Because of the habit of going out to objects,

you forget that what you are involved in is just a projection on the screen. Due to this forgetfulness, identification goes from being the silent Witness to becoming the projection itself. You forget that you are the screen on which these projections are rising and passing.

Mind is the habit to be involved in its objects.

It can’t both silently watch and be involved.

When you go to any object it will never give you Peace.

Don’t go anywhere to try and find Peace.

Peace is within you.

You are that Peace.

You are the screen which doesn’t change.

Oceans of water cannot make you wet,

fires will not burn you, and

movies of romance will not affect you.

So allow the projections of the mind

which is everything you see within and without.

Like this you must remain That which is Untouched,

That which is before identifications and intellectual grasps.

This is Eternal Being.