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Previous Poem, The present Moment is Light, is Self Part One, Before the beginning you are pure Consciousness. Next Poem, You simply cannot deny that you are Consciousness

Before the beginning you are pure Consciousness.

You are the Fullness of Love in Love

and the Emptiness of Awareness.

You are Existence and the Peace beyond peace.

You are that screen on which all is projected.

You are the Light of Knowledge,

the One who gave the concept of creation to the creator.

Forget what can be forgotten and know yourself

to be that which can never be forgotten.

You are the Substratum on which everything moves,

let it move.

You are This.

You are Now; you are Nowness.

What “I” is there which can be out of this Now?

You are Truth and only the Truth Is.

You were never born. Only desire takes birth.

Nothing has ever happened; nothing has ever existed!

This Nothingness you are and this is the ultimate Truth.

You are totally alone because Beauty alone is.

Only Self is.