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Desire gives you suffering

Whenever any desire arises, you want to go near it, you want to achieve it, and you do. Then you are happy, isn’t it so? You may think that it is the object of desire that made you happy, but really it is the momentary absence of desire that follows immediately after the satisfaction of a desire, the moment of emptiness, that makes you happy.

Being empty of desire is happiness.

Return to your own Source and you are happy.

This is the trick of happiness.

When you go to a theater you see pictures projected on a screen. Some are of mountains and rivers, some of romance, and some are people being attacked by thieves. When the movie is over the screen has no wetness from the river, no smell from the romance, nor bullet holes from the robbers’ guns. The screen is immaculately clean. This manifestation is all a projection of your desires that fall across our mind and cause you to identify yourself as the projected watcher of the picture. You are not these projections. You are the Screen. If you identify yourself with the Immaculate, Unchanging, Eternal Screen itself, which is the same before, during, and after the show, you will not change and so you will not suffer the changes but enjoy them.

All Beings are this one immaculate screen. There is no need for practice to “clean the dust” off it because it is beyond everything. The teachers who want you to do lifetimes of practice can clean this dust off their own minds.