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Don’t let you mind

go outside of your Heart!

The whole world is lost in these outside attachments, not just yourself. If any of these attachments give you happiness and peace of mind then stay with them because it isn’t time to leave them. But if you see the snakes in your sleeves biting you, it is time to reject them. It is no use to experience what has already been experienced. If you know the fire burns there is no need to be burned again. Like this: avoid attachments like fire because they will burn you.

When your intoxication depends on somebody else you are cheating yourself; you are deceiving yourself. No good intoxication will come from any source other than your Self. Nobody will give you Happiness. Nobody will give you Peace. Find out yourself. Only a confused mind will think that there is happiness elsewhere. This Love and Beauty will arise if you are Quiet for this single instant. Then you will attain Everything.

Have a firm decision that you do not want to suffer and that you are here to win happiness in this incarnation. This is the number one decision. If you make this decision you will have Grace. Just don’t go and enjoy any object. Stop it; be Quiet. Do this practice Here and you will be successful.