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Previous Poem, Satsang is the association with Sat, with Truth Part One, Dont let your mind be distracted in Satsang Next Poem, Before the Gurus Grace brings one to Satsang

Don’t let your mind be distracted in Satsang:

If you tie ropes to the past via memory and concepts

you are not in Satsang.

Time is a concept and Satsang is out of time.

Stay where there are no ropes, no concepts,

and no distractions or explanations.

This is Reality.

In Satsang you have to remove your doubts because it is only doubts that keep you from being Free. This serpent of doubt, living in the Heart is killed in Satsang. Satsang is giving up beliefs, notions, intentions, desires, and illusions; This is the secret of Freedom!

Satsang means a place of Seclusion, of Quietness.

It is a place within your Heart.

Come to this satsang naked.