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Everyone is Beautiful,

but when you grip a begging bowl in your hand you lose it.

Don’t try to possess blissful states, so get rid of your pocket.

Original nature is Emptiness and this is Peace.

Let things come and enjoy them,

but do not try to own them.

Don’t worry, Love cannot be lost.

The Beloved will not leave you, even if you see this Beauty for only a second. It is the mind which carries this fear and tension, but it is not true. Don’t worry; It will have a permanent hold on you. You think that you have lost It, but It is not lost. If you have this glimpse for only one moment it is finished, but if you put your attachments over It then you can’t see It even though It is still there.

Self is always Present, Bliss is always Present.

You are not to work at attaining it,

just remove the obstacles by which you can’t see it.

The hindrance is only one: attachment to the past.

If you do not attach yourself to any thought of the past, It is already Here and this is called experience, you see. Experience of That is when there are no obstacles, no hindrances, no attachments.