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I Am With You Wherever You Are!

There is no escape from Love;

there is no East or West for Peace and Freedom.

No matter where you go It is always with you.

Satsang is the reminder that you are Home,

that you are the Home itself.

So you can’t return “back” from Satsang; it is your nature.

This experience cannot be forgotten.

That which can be forgotten is forgotten by the mind,

but the mind has no access to this experience.

But be careful and vigilant.

You will keep the problems most dear to you

and so your old friends, your wicked habits, the asuras,

will come back and invite you to suffer again.

They are very strong and so you must be.

Break these old habits and you are Free.

So only travel with those in the same boat;

only associate with those going in the same direction.

Go to Truth at any cost; always Keep Quiet.