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If you have attained Peace,

mind will come back.

Just let it come,

just watch from where it arises.

Allow the mind to run, but by directing it to Now

do not let it land in the graveyard of the past.

Clinging to the past is keeping evil association.

When you meditate all these past patterns will leave you.

The trick is to keep full attention on who wants to meditate

because when the house is full, the thieves will not enter.

Don’t expect and do not search and you will find it.

Don’t try to suppress

the thoughts and experiences which appear,

just keep alert and let them come.

Inquiry stirs the serpents to arise.


The desire for the permanency of clarity

is a trick of the mind because permanency is in time

and only postpones what is Here and Now.

Find the source of this desire.

If “again” is for a gain it is useless.