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Inquiry is Presence itself so question, “Who Am I?”

This is the only question that doesn’t lead to suffering

because it is severing the ropes to body-mind-arrogance.

This is withdrawing the mind from its engagements

and planting it in the garden of Home.

Inquiry is Love with the Self.

This I-thought is Consciousness aware of Consciousness.

But what is aware of “I?” Ask “Who am I?” and find out

where is the foundation Consciousness.

Who is conscious of body Consciousness?

Your face will definitely someday

become the food for worms!

Inquire and find who it is who shines through this face.

Make the most of Now because death comes quickly.

Don’t move your mind, Be Quiet.

Shut the windows to the outside, remove all changes,

and look Within to the Changeless.

Truth is very simple, don’t complicate it.

You must be in the Light to know the darkness:

Just be aware of yourself, the Light.

Jump into the fire of Knowledge

and don’t be concerned what will happen

to your clothing of concepts and conditioning.

This fire burns all.