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Meditation is when the mind is free

and not holding thoughts.

Let the thoughts come and go,

but do not run after them.

Be vigilant of the present circumstances.

This is quite enough to give you happiness.

Be vigilant only of this Moment!

When this happening goes, don’t cling to it.

Clinging to past circumstances is the trouble with everybody.

This is the cause of suffering and misery.

What has happened cannot be brought back,

so it is reasonable to not cling to it.

Simply do not cling to past circumstances.

Don’t cling to the past.

Inquire “Who am I?”

Patiently, wisely, honestly inquire,

turning your face, Awareness, within.

When you are face to face with Self only Keep Quiet.

This Quietness is no mentation,

not even stirring the I-thought.

This Quietness is the Peace of “Let there be Peace.”

This Quietness is the eternal Abode.