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Realization is uncovering that you are already Free.

It is always Here and only relieves you of bondage.

It is throwing the bucket of your individuality

into the Well of Being, with the ropes

of desire, intention, thought, or attachment.

Don’t try to go anywhere, just simply Be.

The only “need” is to BE, not even seeing.

It is so simple that it is difficult.

It is Here and Now this very Instant.

There is no today, yesterday or tomorrow in Now.

When nothing ever existed what is there to be free from?

Emptiness has to be emptied of emptiness.

Freedom must be free of freedom.

In Freedom there is nothing to do and nothing not to do.

It cannot be imagined or touched.

Human birth is for this Freedom,

so smell Freedom, inhale Freedom, Be Freedom.

Every moment Freedom is Here to hug you.

Eternity is Now living moment to moment.