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Simply keep Quiet,

let things happen in front of you,

and enjoy this universe which is offered to you.

If you are Quiet there is Peace in your mind and you will find Peace with everybody. If your mind is agitated you will find agitation everywhere. So first find Peace Within and you will see this Inner Peace reflected everywhere else. You are This Peace! You are Happiness. Find out! Where else will you find Peace if not within you? Just keep quiet, do not stir a thought and you are Free. Don’t entertain any notions. If you do not entertain just one notion in particular you are Free. This notion is “I am the body.” This is the notion that really troubles you and you go along and reconfirm it every minute of every day with all your relations with other bodies and objects. When this notion is no longer there you will be Free.

In this Freedom you will see the whole cosmos and all the bodies are you and you are all these bodies. Nothing will change. A mountain will be a mountain and a river will be a river, but your viewpoint will change.

So pick up the notion “I am Free’ and both notions will leave you. You are neither bound nor free. You just are what you are. Know this and all the notions will leave you. You are not the body, or the mind, or the intellect, or the world. You are something else. Find out! What is this thing? Just keep Quiet and See. Then it will unfold Itself. It will reveal Itself.

First keep Quiet.