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The Teacher will not be recognized

by the diamonds on his head

or by the number of students he has.

Know the Teacher to be the One

whose presence gives you Peace

and removes all craving, attachment, and desire.

The Teacher is one who knows the Truth

and can transmit this Truth to a humble one

by look, by touch, by thought,

or, as Arunachala does, by Silence.

This Silence is the Light that does not move.

The true Teacher has no students;

all is Being and only Silence speaks.

The perfect Teacher has no teachings

because he knows that you are Free already.

So the true Teacher’s non-teaching

is that there is no Teacher, no student, no teaching,

and that Nothing has ever existed.

This Teaching must be without words

and must land in your Heart.

If you try to understand, it will only land in your head.