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The Truth is beyond thought, concept, and conditioning

and this Truth is what you are, and only the Truth Is.

So stop your search, simply be Quiet.

Definitely do not stir a thought or make an effort,

and the Truth will Reveal Itself to Itself.

Practice takes ego

which reinforces subject-object relationships.

All practice is through body-mind and senses

which reinforces body-mind identification.

Any identification is misidentification.

Whatever you think, you become.

So thinking of name and form

is thinking of ego-mind-world-senses-illusion.

If you must think,

think of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss.

Best is to simply know “I am That Brahman.”

Direct practice is Now itself, just Being itself,

not waiting for the next moment or the next thought

or the next life to accomplish something.

Direct practice is the Bliss of turning your face to Self.

Direct practice is honoring our own Self.

Direct practice is Existence.