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Previous Poem, The Grace of Self gives rise to the desire for Freedom Part One, The highest experience is when everything disappears, Next Poem, Satsang is the association with Sat, with Truth

The highest experience is when everything disappears,

even God. Until this happens you will continue to be reborn. So forget everything, even forgetting, because forgetting and remembering belong to the mind. Without mind you can’t see your God, or Guru, or country, or parents. Just don’t give rise to identifying as a body or mind or personality and there will be no forgetting or remembering. First forget yourself which means stop identifying as the body. You are the Essence which does not disappear. FIND IT!

I teach about That which cannot be attained by any teaching. My teaching cannot be taught. I have no teaching for the Essence from where all teachings arise from. This Essence doesn’t need any teaching or non-teaching for it is beyond everything. It is from where all words arise from.

The Satguru is Within.

The Maharishi says the same thing:

“The Satguru is within your own Heart.”