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To worship you must pre-exist worship

in order to give rise to the concept of worship.

So know you can only worship your Self.

You become That to which you offer yourself to

so offer yourself only to Love.

Whoever tastes this Nectar

is the Nectar.

Devotion to the Teacher

is the fire which will burn everything.

Devotion is to prostrate to the feet of the Master

and worship them.

You don’t need to do anything; this alone is enough!

Worshipping the feet of the SatGuru

is to get rid of everything, to be humble,

to beg for Freedom and unity with what you Are.

Look at the feet of the Teacher.

Freedom is always Here,

it is the Holiness that is missing.

What are you going to give the Supreme

if you have given up your Heart to something else?

Only a pure unsmelled flower is offered to God,

only Love for the Self is needed.

Be humble and devoted to the Self.