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You need the past and thoughts to suffer,

you don’t need anything to be Free.

The boulders of the past rest on your chest

and destroy your life and freedom.

Remove them by finding the origin of the I-thought.

Freedom waits but most are engaged with something else.

Don’t tie yourself to anything in the past or the future

because it will not work!

Be attached only to this Moment.

When you hold to something

other than your true nature

you will be disturbed.

By holding attachments to transient things

you declare to yourself

that you are not the Fullness in which all is.

Possessing is a veil, a lie!

Self is Totality and therefore cannot possess or desire.

Everyone is a Buddha. You have to break attachments!

You have to renounce because otherwise you trap yourself

in samsara and death with your own attachments.

Attachment is a demon, attachment is trouble,

because our attachments become our reality.

Only in Satsang is this removed.