Table of Contents

Thus Speaks Papa-ji
Part One
Self is what you are
You are the One which is aware
You are the Timelessness in which no death can enter
Be Quiet
The Purpose of life is to be at Peace
You are the Moment
The present Moment is Light, is Self
Before the beginning you are pure Consciousness
You simply cannot deny that you are Consciousness
Name and form hide Reality: This is the Teaching
Before notions and creations you exist
I am the Ocean and all forms seen
Nothing ever happened or ever will
Between two clouds there is an interval
Desire gives you suffering
The Self is the Satguru
The Satguru is greater than all else, even God
The Teacher will not be recognized
The Teaching can only be given by the Eternal
The Grace of Self gives rise to the desire for Freedom
The highest experience is when everything disappears
Satsang is the association with Sat, with Truth
Don’t let your mind be distracted in Satsang
Before the Guru’s Grace brings one to Satsang
Part Two
The raft across the ocean of samsara
All that you are attached to, all that you Love
Reality is One, there are not two realities
Vivek is discrimination
By Vairagya, non attachment to thought
Look Within
The Supreme Self, the Dearest Love
There is no question of having time for this or not
Inquiry is Presence itself so question “Who Am I?”
Vichar should continue every moment of your life
You simply have to watch
The technique to return to your source is very simple
Simply keep Quiet
Vigilance is keeping aware of what enters the mind-house
Meditation is when the mind is free
Doubt about Enlightenment
Check you notions and intentions by inquiring
You can only experience what you are not
We are all living in the nectar of the Self
When mind is quiet, all is Self
Existence, Consciousness, Bliss
Part Three
If you have attained Peace
Everyone is Beautiful
Because of the habit of going out to objects
When thought takes you to an object
How to stop the thinking
It is difficult to understand this so you must only do it
Only by Love, only by Loving
To worship you must pre-exist worship
I believe that the physical separation from the Beloved
The only thing that is Eternal is Love
According to the books of Knowledge there are three ways
Without Love nothing will happen
Surrender to the Source
Stay as Is. Allow nature to function
I Am With You Wherever You Are
Expectations are illusions so don’t run after them
Don’t try to clean the mirror
The world is illusion
The Ocean cannot stay alone
The Ocean does not forget that it is a wave
Part Four
It is a dark path at twilight
The waking state is a film staring the ego
Nothing belongs to you! It is all like the breeze
You wear your mind like you wear your dress
“The doer must pay for his actions.” This is karma
Before the wave rises it is Ocean
Always remember
You are the totality of Being
Mind is your desire
Mind is movement and creates desires
Don’t let the mind go back into the past, That’s all
You have to inquire “Where do thoughts come from?”
Sometimes when I see people
The only way not to have Peace
You need the past and thoughts to suffer
Don’t let your mind
Fear manifests as death
Anger, greed, attachment, and aversion
There is no becoming Being
Everything you do is for stillness of mind, for Happiness
Stay as you are wherever you are
Part Five
On three accounts searching and practice
The third account
The Truth is beyond thought, concept, and conditioning
This is the Kali Yuga
Those who have not lived with a perfect Saint will not Realize
Religions, traditions, and ashrams
There is no sadhana better than just staying as Peace
Some have chanted Om as a practice
The essence of Skillfulness is this
Living skillfully
Keep yourself happy in Peace
Don’t run after projections on the screen, be very wise
This world is a garden, a game
Clinging to non-eternal things is arrogance
Dance with the circumstances
Understand that you are not in love with a body
Wherever there are two there is fear of separation
Sex and devotion can run concurrently
The human body is a very rare gift of nature
A mind attached to anything becomes a sick weak mind
Part Six
The reason why everybody wants to avoid death
Samsara is desire, desire is samsara
Freedom, Liberation, Enlightenment
Enlightenment is knowing your true nature
In Freedom there is no right and no wrong
Realization is uncovering that you are already Free
The Sun wanted to see the night
Yes, I have! I have ego
If you think that the “I” will stay with you after realization
Compassion is a jewel
The time left in this body is to be used helping
Nothing ever existed
Freedom is the start of something
If you are in love with Mystery
Love itself speaks through every pore of your bod
Some people say
There is a perpetual fathomless pull of Love into Love
Love is Self
Love, the Heart, this Moment, Is the Truth
This is your own creation so enjoy It
Love is always Loving you